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X-800 Series Offshore Personnel Transfer Nets

Billy Pugh Co Personnel Transfer Nets provide safe transfer of personnel in the offshore industry.  They are manufactured under the ABS equipment type approval program.  ABS certification can be requested at additional cost.  X-870      4 Person, 18′ load line, 29′ overall height.      … Continue reading

Personnel Net Box Series

BPC personnel net boxes keep your transfer net out of the harmful UV and salt conditions. This promotes a longer lasting product and also keeps ropes and hardware stronger.   PNB-1-4 150 lbs; 78″x78″x18″ PNB-1-6 200 lbs; 90″x90″x18″ PNB-1-8 250 lbs; … Continue reading

X-800 Series Stabilizer

X-870  (12 lbs) X-871, X-871-6, X-871-8  (18 lbs) X-871-10, X-871-12  (25 lbs) Stabilizers are a crucial part of using a personnel net. If your personnel net is still in good shape but the stabilizer is worn or broken, they are … Continue reading

ABS X-900 Series

ABS CERTIFICATION (Only the X-904-4 available at this time). If ABS certification is required for the larger models we can have ABS produce a “Statement of Fact” certificate but the cost is greater than the Type Approval.  

ABS X-800 Series

ABS CERTIFICATION ABS type certificate is available on the following personnel net models: X-870, X-870-D/C; X-871, X-871-D/C; X-871-A, X-871-A-D/C; X-871-8; X-871-10; X-816, X-816-D/C; X-840, X-840-D/C ABS “Statement of Fact” available on all other models.  



Storage Covers

Storge cover to protect from elements.  Made from durable 18 oz. PVC coated polyester fabric.   4 Person   6 Person   8 Person 10 Person 12 Person

Boat Rescue Net

X-544 Davit launched man overboard retrieval system  74” x 48” x 10” 73 lbs

Cargo Nets

Cargo Nets Cargo nets are made to Billy Pugh Co. standards from high quality ropes.  Available in both synthetic and natural fibers. Sizes: 8’x8′, 10’x10′, 12’x12′ Mesh Sizes: 6″, 8″, 12″ Other sizes are available, please call for more information … Continue reading

Helicopter Deck Net

Helicopter Deck Nets Call or email for sizes and types of Helicopter Deck Nets

Scramble Net

Scramble Nets are available in any size, material, and configuration as required. When ordering please include: Net diminsions (example 10’X40’) Mesh size  (example 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″) Rope size (example 3/4″, 1″) Rope material Spreader bar material (example oak wood, galvanized pipe, alumium … Continue reading

Collapsible Cargo Basket

X-8CB Collapsible basket for easy loading of heavy cargo reduces potential for lifting associated injuries.  Inner canvas designed to prevent smaller objects from rolling out.  Rounded/padded design reduces potential for damage to boats. X-8CB/Cable Sling 72″x72″x14″; 350 lbs X-8CB/Chain Sling 72″x72″x14″; … Continue reading