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Derrick Basket

The DB-1 Derrick Basket is made for lifting personnel with a lightweight basket and retractable lifeline attached to fall protection harness. Unlike a sling or chair, there is no pressure on the upper legs.

Over all height 8’ 7”, diameter of basket 36”, height of basket 41”, weight approximately 100 lbs

SWL: 400 lbs

DB-1 Warning:

We recently reviewed an incident in which one of our DB-1 Derrick Baskets was broken during operation. After investigating the incident, in which no one was hurt, it was revealed that the DB-1 was not used properly. This “purpose built” product is designed to operate inside the derrick with proper secondary fall protection and attached to an air tugger. This lightweight device has only a single point attachment to the hook and is not designed to be operated with a crane. If you are operating inside the derrick, you will find that the streamlined DB-1 will safely move throughout the derrick when used properly.

If you need a multi-use basket you will find that our Collapsible Work Basket, OSHA Man Basket and Rigid Cargo Basket will better serve your purpose.