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Tag Line

Using a regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal has some inherent problems when used as tag lines.

  • They tend to wrap around objects.
  • They get caught in pinch points.
  • The bottoms fray and are then knotted to stop the fraying. This REALLY causes the line to catch.
  • They get slick when worn, wet or dirty with grease.

The Billy Pugh Co. tag line is much different. It is specifically designed for the application.

  • BPC tag lines have a center that is wrapped with an outer layer of smaller diameter rope. This resists the tag line turning on itself and wrapping around objects or people.
  • BPC tag lines are designed not to catch on pinch points. There are no knots or raised surfaces.
  • BPC tag lines are dipped in polyurethane for resistance to UV and it also toughens the rope
  • BPC tag lines horizontal wraps give a better gripping (non-slip) surface for rig hands- especially when the rope gets wet, dirty and or greasy.  The entire polydacron rope (including the coils) is dipped in liquid polyurethane which saturates the rope sets the coils and the eye splice. This produces a chafing and weather resistant tag line specifically designed for the job.

Patent Number: 8469339

PTL-1     1 ¼” dipped, wrapped, stainless steel thimble eye on one end, specify length, will not accommodate carabineer ; does meet API RP 2D (7th edition) 
STL-2     1 ¼” dipped, wrapped, soft sleeved eye, carabineer, specify length; does meet API RP 2D (7th edition) 
STL-3     1 ¼” dipped, wrapped, soft sleeved eye, no carabineer, no stainless steel thimble, specify length; does meet API RP 2D (7th edition) 

CTL-1     5/8″ No dip, no wrapping, SS eye on end; is not tangle resistant and does not meet  API RP 2D 7th Ed

CTL-2    5/8″ No dip, no wrapping, soft sleeved eye with carabineer;  is not tangle resistant and does not meet  API RP 2D 7th Ed

Tangle Resistant Tag Line


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